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2016 SGA WA Tour Event 15 - Wembley GC Results and COURSE CHANGE info

Hi SGA Tour Golfers,

Below are the results from our event at Wembley GC and next event info

Results: 18 Holes Individual Stableford - 1st: Craig "TIGER" Dewee 40 points

2nd: Peter Carstens 39 points 3rd: Edwin Peters 36 points

NTP 2nd Hole - Edwin Peters 6th Hole - N/A 13th Hole - Nic Lau 16th Hole - Matt Nel Long Drive 17th Hole - Craig Young Nearest the Cone 7th Hole - Frank Kosenburger Long Putt 9th Hole - Andy Patching 18th Hole - Dion Paunich Eagles Nest JACKPOT - Jackpot to next event Next Event : COURSE CHANGE NOW Mandurah CC. 3RD JULY

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